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Rustic Meadow Farms

is special to us and we want to share it

with you.

Our Family purchased this beautiful property several years ago. We were unsure whether to update the late 1800's farmhouse and move from our current home to this rolling land or stay put. We opted to 'stay put' -- but with a twist.

About two years ago, I came up with the idea to add on to the original barn -- converting it into an amazing, rustic party venue.


We kicked the idea around 'the table' and decided to fully commit our resources [and sweat equity] to move forward


It was a process, for sure -- but, we're thrilled with the results.

We hope you feel the same excitement. 


Today, we invite you to join us for your next celebration or event at Rustic Meadow Farms.

Debbie & Joe Dalton
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